The Teesside Game Developer Network Sees Record Attendance In February


Adroit Gamer recently reported here about the Teesside Game Developer Network (TGDN) event which took place in January.

Usually taking place on the last Thursday of every month, TGDN deviated from the norm this February and took place on Tuesday February 11, 2014 to coincide with Animex Game.

Now in it’s seventh event, this time saw a wealth of gaming talent flood in to Teesside Universities Student Union Hub, and flood they did, with record number’s (223 people) steaming through the door to network, share games, ideas, and listen to guest speaker’s.

The Student Union Hub offered a great setting, with a free bar being on offer courtesy of sponsors, Gamesparks, Ninjacode and Unity. After arrival and a free beverage, a number of speaker’s took to the stage to address the attendee’s.

John Griffin, CMO at Gamesparks talked first about Gamesparks, which is a B2B SaaS solution provider to mobile developer’s, helping game developer’s launch games more quickly for less money. Post launch, Gamesparks can provide game mechanics which are designed to increase player retention and drive new revenues. John was followed by Anish Patel from Ninjacode, with Anish announcing that Ninjacode would be taking on two students to work for the company. Joe Robins, community evangelist for Unity then spoke about Unity, with TDGN founder’s Olly Bennett and Bruce Slater informing the crowd that they would be setting up a TGDN Unity User Group.

Whilst at the event I talked to some great people with amazing ideas, and got the privilege to witness games currently being developed. Over the coming months I’ll be showcasing this talent through Adroit Gamer’s feature, Adroit Talent, which will detail these individual’s and their work so stay tuned.

TGDN is providing a nerve center where gaming talent from the North East of England can congregate to network and discuss gaming ideas, with the event going from strength to strength. A massive shout must go to TGDN founder’s Olly Bennett and Bruce Slater for organising these events and allowing gaming talent to flourish. If the events continue to grow at the rate they have, they’ll be looking for bigger venues.

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Written by James Turbitt

James Turbitt

Founder and Chief Editor of Adroit Gamer, James Turbitt (AKA SwankTribal11) is a gaming zealot, keen on all games, devoted to some fanatical on the chosen, DJ and all Inquisitor of issues.

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