The Division: Environmental Elements will Effect Player’s with Water and Food being Vital Trading Commodities


Check out the video below which is featured on The Division France You Tube channel in which The Division’s design director Axel Rydby and game designer Mathias Karlson talk about their up and coming online shooter.

A lot of the information discussed we already know but it seems water and food will be scarce and vital commodities in The Division for trading and progression purposes, not surprising given the story elements underpinning the game, head here for Adroit’s full preview of The Division. When I think back to the E3 demo, one of the characters picks up a number of water bottles in the police station which now seems to make sense, however, player’s will not need water and food to survive, it just seems their trading value will be high. Trading on the black market, buying and selling guns and accessing resources to aid you in your survival seem to be high on the agenda with the RPG elements being key.

Rydby and Karlson talk about how the environmental elements will effect player’s but to what extent this effect will be and what elements will effect player’s is still unknown.

The Division along with Destiny are the most intriguing up and coming next generation games for me, mainly due to the online social experiences both games are trying to innovate. From what I’ve seen, The Division looks the most impressive and the game play looks exciting to.

What’s your impressions of The Division? Is it a game on your wish list and one you’re looking forward to getting your hands on, and what’s your thoughts on the game being an online shooter? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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Source: The Division France You Tube

Written by James Turbitt

James Turbitt

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