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Lords of the Fallen, published by City Interactive, and developed by Deck 13 and CI Games is an up and coming third person role playing game set for release in 2014 on next generation consoles and PC.

The game is set in a fantasy world infected by a supernatural being known as the Fallen God, with it’s residents either supporting or drawing away from the Fallen God. Harkyn, our human hero is not in support of the Fallen God and finds himself investigating the awakening of this ancient God, fighting against the Lords and Generals who command the Fallen Gods army. During the course of their journey players will be faced with a number of decisions that will change both the world and Harkyn, with the game having a number of different endings. Tomasz Gop who worked on the Witcher 2 is the games executive producer, and he tells us that we’ll get a chance to mould Harkyn in to the character we want him to be.

“Imagine you’d like to tell the game I want to finish the game in a selfish way, or, I want to end the game as a Fallen God servant”


 Collector’s will find a wide range of weapons and armour available, along with three classes, the warrior, rogue and the cleric. Each class has its own unique set of spells, stats and gear, however you’ll be able to mix and match, for example, be a cleric wearing rogue armour and using a warriors sword.

 “Our team is building Lords of the Fallen specifically for players who enjoy taking on huge challenges where the odds are stacked against them.”


Lords of the Fallen centres around its real-time tactical gameplay upon which you can use a variety of melee and magic abilities as well as crafting and upgrading weapons.

“Hardcore action-RPG featuring advanced combat systems and robust class skill trees.”

RSI Upshot

Lords of the Fallen has the potential to be a good action game, the screen shots and trailer look great and I’m always partial to a fantasy RPG. There’s nothing new to the spec, we have the tried and tested classes along with upgradable weapons and armour, reminding me of Kingdoms of Amalur which was, like Lords of the Fallen, based on it’s combat and big monsters. I’m interested to see some gameplay footage to further understand the combat mechanics but so far I’m excited for this game.

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Source: OXM

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