Diablo III (Xbox 360): First Impressions


I must start by stating that I haven’t played the PC version of Diablo III, so I’m unable to make comparisons, coming at the Xbox 360 version with a fresh slate of judgement.

Although I’ve yet to finish the game, I have had a chance to put a number of hours in to the button hacking, world roaming, loot finding, role playing game, and must say from the outset, this game is addictive.

The story takes place twenty years after the events of Diablo II, with Deckard Cain and his niece Leah scrolling ancient texts in Tristram Cathedral regarding a prophecy, when, suddenly, a mysterious star falls from the sky smashing the cathedral, taking Cain with it. This is where your hero, known as the Nephalem, starts their quest, with you setting out to investigate the fallen star. I don’t want to give any spoilers away around the story, I’ll let you find out for yourself, but what I will say is that I didn’t find myself engrossed in the plot, which, for me, is not the norm, as I’m a story driven gamer, so what does Diablo III offer?

To start, the choice of character class is a tough one, with five outstanding characters to choose from including, a barbarian, monk, witch doctor, wizard and demon hunter. To date, I have played as a demon hunter to level 17, a witch doctor to level 14 and a monk to level 10, and at this stage, I can’t tell you which I prefer. All have different styles that you must master to get the full potential from your character, with you able to choose what abilities and what upgrades you wish to equip to suit your game play style. The game play feels very slick on the controller, with each button providing you with a range of abilities for your hero to equip with upgrades of abilities occurring as your character levels up.

As with all great RPGs, there’s plenty of loot in the form of money, gems, weapons, armour, and more, with loot drops becoming more frequent as you level up. More often than not loot is class specific, for which you can equip, stash or sell at the numerous vendors scattered about the world. The inventory wheel is simple and easy to use, with each piece of loot, ability, rune, all broken down to aid you in your choice. There’s a blacksmith and jeweller, the former of which can be trained to provide new recipes to forge your favourite tools.

Diablo III is not great graphically, with the cut scenes being better than that of the game play, but this does not spoil the experience, in fact, the style and the dynamic camera give this game a real old school feel. There’s a good range of difficulty to the game, add this to the different classes andDiablo III offers great re-playability.

You can play offline, system link your console and play over Xbox live, but by far the most enjoyable feature of Diablo III has to be the local four player co-op. I’ve had so much fun playing with friends, whether that be two, three or four player, and can safely say that Diablo III is best played with friends. The only issue I had was on occasion the field of view was restricted as the screen did not pan out enough, teleporting my ranged demon hunter to the middle of the screen and in to major trouble killing me the process, for which your load out durability goes down by 10% with each death once you hit a certain level.

All in all the Xbox 360 version of the game is outstanding and I would recommend that you play this game now rather than wait for the next generation version. The 4 player co-op is amazingly good fun and takes you back to nights spent gaming on a friends couch, with seconds turning to minutes, and minutes to hours, drawing you back in for that next quest and new piece of loot. If you like slaying endless amounts of enemies using an array of abilities and weapons, whilst traversing massive open spaces then this is for you.

If you’ve played Diablo III let me know your character builds, what should I be on the look out for when making my character in to an unstoppable force.

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Written by James Turbitt

James Turbitt

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