343 Industries Episodic Halo & A Possible Return to Massive Sandboxes


343 Industries are looking to recruit a Producer/Program Manager to help with “future episodic storytelling endeavours” noting the episodic driven gameplay of Halo 4’s Spartan Ops along with the story telling of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, both of which were introduced by 343.


“You will work hand in hand with all disciplines to define, develop, and ship an all-new Halo entertainment experience” 343 Industries in relation to recruiting a Producer/Program Manager.

There’s no confirmation that this role is linked to a Halo game title, and could relate to a totally new Halo project. The role could also relate to current developments such as the Halo TV series. 343s’ introduction of Spartan Ops in Halo 4 was a new concept which wasn’t overly successful and would need further innovation for it to work within a new Halo game. In my opinion I can’t see 343 introducing episode’s in to the Master Chief’s story, but who knows, personally I hope this doesn’t happen.

What I believe is more likely is a parallel storyline between a game mode such as Spartan Ops and the Halo TV series, running side by side. Halo: Spartan Assault lead designer Mike Ellis told OXM that Halo is bigger than any one type of game and that 343 wants to bring Halo to as many formats as possible.

Halo is a franchise that goes beyond the games, I’ve read the books and have Halo statues, however I’d argue that a large proportion of people who tap in to other aspects of Halo other than the games initially fell in love with Halo due to that first person experience, I certainly did. I understand that Halo is a global brand and there’s a market for things such as toys and books, however it’s the games that set the tone, if they falter, so does the brand.

It’s for this reason that I’m pleased that 343 are also in the market for a a designer who can build terrains and expansive spaces.

“Artists who specialise in creating terrains and building expansive exterior encounter spaces.”

This may be great news as it could see Halo returning to those massive sandbox multiplayer arenas which we all know and love. I personally feel that we are about to see a change in power regarding FPS games. Call of Duty Ghosts has sold well and tops the games chart however reviews have not been as positive as previous titles and there’s a sense that gamer’s want something new. With games such as Destiny, created by Halo creators Bungie and Titanfall due for release next year, other titles will need to up their game in terms of innovation, Halo is no different.

3 sandbox

Halo 4 was a great game and 343 Industries did a great job, but their next instalment will need to step up again. It’s a big challenge, but it’s one that 343 will relish and I believe they’ll produce a great game once it launches. With a shift in power on the horizon, can Halo take back the mantle, hopefully next year may tell us.

I’m interested in your thoughts, are you keen on Halo as an episodic driven game, and can Halo re-take the FPS crown?

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Source: OXM | OXM

Written by James Turbitt

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